How to Get Fast Ranking in Google?

In today’s digital world, websites are like students and Google is like teacher. As a student’s capability is decided in the examination by the teacher, Google decides a website’s capability, by giving ranking. But, getting the Guidelines of ranking of Google is very difficult. In fact, mystery shrouds over the exact algorithm Google uses for determining the ranking of pages.


Every year the algorithms of Google changes more than 500 times and the irony is that they are not shared with the public. And that really keeps every one guessing what might have been the changes introduced by this search engine. Some people just become the mute spectators with their fingers crossed. But, the silver lining in these clouds is that SEO Services India experts become successful to know as to which direction the wind is blowing. The factual information that they obtain as to what factors are exactly taken into consideration in determine the ranking system, proves to be extremely instrumental for those who have the onus to bring a website in ranking.


If you want to impress your Google Guru and get impressive ranking, discussed below are the factors that you should take account of:

Original Content: Your website will never get good ranking, unless you have rich web content. It is rightly said that content is the king of a website and your king must not be a duplicate one. It is not that the search engine will necessarily penalize you, but your content will not be shown if it is not unique and original.


Informative Content: Relevant, useful, unique and informative content are sine qua non for Google ranking system. Gone are those days when filling content with the keywords was just enough for the ranking. Since the advent of Panda updates, the whole perspective of SEO changed considerably. Nowadays, the quality of your overall site is not going to improve, if you fail to deliver quality information in your web content.


Optimization of your Keywords: For the impressive ranking of a website, the optimum and judicious use of keywords is definitely indispensable. Now, there is no need to Keyword-stuffed content. As quality content gets preference over the keyword-eccentric content, the keyword should be used quite judiciously. Very informative, unique content with very few keywords catches the eyes of a search engine.

How to Get Fast Ranking in Google


Meta Tags: Simply put, Meta tags are essentially the text inserted into the source code of a website that includes keywords for providing information to Google regarding the content of a page for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).In fact, these are the hidden factors of Google ranking guidelines. In course of deciding as to which results are relevant to the user’s searches, the search engine looks at these and then displays the results accordingly.


Meta Descriptions: These area kind of Meta tag that is used in order to describe a document. They are the short summaries that define how the page will be described. In search engine ranking, it is quite indispensable.


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